Vista MultiPost Collar with replacement Pads


  • Pivoting Occipital Panels Reduce Pressure Padded panels pivot bilaterally and self-adjust to cradle most head shapes for increased support and to help maximize patient comfort. 
  • Reduced patient contact on occipital midline helps limit pressure points and heat buildup in areas prone to skin break down.
  •  Like the original Vista Collar, the Vista MultiPost Collar is one size adjustable, helping to eliminate waste associated with collar sizing errors.
  •  It also features Aspen’s proven cotton-lined pads designed to enhance skin care by reducing patient contact points in the occipital area.
  • Promotes Effective Skin Care Cotton-lined Aspen pads wick moisture from patient’s skin while clickable polyurethane foam helps ensure optimal pressure distribution.
  • Front panel with the patented, easy height adjustment system for one size adjustability and an extra large tracheal aperture for improved access and airway management. 
  • Increased Visibility for Improved Care Innovative design provides greater visibility, enhancing the ability to inspect the skin without removing the collar.