Aspen® Sierra™


Aspen Medical Products

The Aspen Sierra™ “bivalve style”, highly adjustable braces offer clinically effective motion restriction for post-operative patients. All structural components are accessible and can be removed, molded, bent or trimmed, providing individualized customization options to meet various anatomical and medical needs.
⦁ Modular System
⦁ Easy Application: Left or right entry, supine or ambulatory patients
⦁ Highly Customizable: Removable panels for easy customization
⦁ Posterior Wound Window: Reduces pressure on wound site
⦁ Posterior Panel with 15° Lordosis
⦁ Available with Tall or Short Anterior Panels
⦁ LSO or TLSO Models Available
⦁ Sizes: S/M, L/XL
⦁ Controlled Compression
⦁ Easy to Locate Pull Tabs
⦁ Opened products are not eligible for return